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girl wearing wings running in field - 30 Day Wellness Challenge

Getting into new habits can be difficult, especially when you’re only accountable to yourself, so this month we’re breaking things down – and setting you up to succeed.


For the next thirty days, we invite you to join the community – and the conversation – at emberly, for a 30 day wellness challenge. The aim is to encourage each other to integrate small but significant practices into our lives to feed mind, body and soul. Below you’ll find three ideas for each section of the month – all you need to do is pick one and use the following ten days to make a new habit by doing whatever it is, every day.

Try to continue each practice as you move through the month – but don’t worry if you have to press pause on one to allow time for another. You’ll find what works for you in the end. And don’t forget to share your journey with us so we can cheer each other on! At the end of the thirty days you’ll have three new habits seeding, growing, or even beginning to blossom.

DAYS 1 – 10: MIND

  • Get some Headspace: Download a meditation app (like InsightTimer, for example) and let it guide you through a daily meditation. You can choose how much time you’re able to dedicate to this, so even if it’s five minutes – take them.
  • Take up Qigong: One of Colomba’s courses is an introduction to Qigong – an ancient practice of moving meditation that helps the practitioner feel calmer and stronger, in body and mind. The great thing is, this course is ‘on demand’ – you can choose when you practice. So sign up and work it in when it works for you. It’ll be second nature before you know it.

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  • Puzzle it out: Whether you’re a wordsmith or a mathematician, there is sure to be a puzzle for you in the paper. It’s now widely recognised that brain training improves our health, and lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s. Most newspapers offer their puzzle page in print and online, or you could buy a bumper book of your favourite games. There are brain training apps too, but you might want to consider it an excuse to get away from the screen for a while. Make sure it’s not too easy for you – try and get at least twenty minutes of puzzling in before you get on with the rest of your day.

woman walking in park


DAYS 10 – 20: BODY

  • A morning walk: You might not think that something you do in the morning could have an effect on what happens to your body at night, but getting up and out for a walk first thing helps you sleep better – as well as boosting your mood for the rest of the day. Exposure to morning light alerts the body and brain that the day has begun, suppressing the production of melatonin (the hormone that tells us its time to sleep) and resetting our internal body-clock, so that when it comes to bedtime, the body is ready. You’ll also be less likely to wake up in the night, and get a deeper sleep. Dreamy.
  • Dance it out: If you love to dance and would like to learn more about the structures that build strength and protect our bodies to express themselves safely, Colomba offers a course in both Ballet Basics and Contemporary Dance. These classes will teach you exercises and routines to practice at home, whenever you choose. Great exercise and the opportunity for self expression is a sure fire way to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

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  • Run to the beat: Not all of us are ‘natural runners’ – but maybe some of us are, and just need a little encouragement. When I started running, the distances I can manage now were inconceivable to me. Like everything else in life, it’s a non-linear journey. Getting into it takes a little bit of self-discipline, and a lot of encouragement – so I’d recommend a running app like Nike Run Club (I particularly love Coach Bennett) or Couch to 5k to get started. It could just be getting the blood pumping, shuffling round the park to your favourite tunes for five minutes – it all counts.

painting by Moyra Scott with words 'deep sigh of relief'

Art by Moyra Scott

DAYS 20 – 30: SOUL

  • Dear Diary: Writing down your thoughts, however mundane, can be the key to a more creatively fulfilling life. One day its all ‘I had cornflakes for breakfast and walked the dog’ – the next you might be rambling off into your imagination and penning your next masterpiece. Its a soul-food practice. If you want a helping hand into a wonderfully freeing and artistic way of journalling, check out Colomba’s Wild Art Journalling course. It really gets the juices flowing. You can read more about the practice of journalling here.


  • Reading room: Here’s a challenge that is harder than it seems – set aside a dedicated time to read a book. But here’s the catch – not a book you have to read, not a book you should be reading – a book you want to read. Guilty pleasure trash novels are one hundred percent permitted. This reading time is for you to do exactly what you want. I’m reading this gem at the moment and it’s completely blowing my mind. If you choose this challenge, please do share your recommendations!


  • Mood music: If input and output are already at a maximum for you, I offer this challenge. Set aside a time for music. Not music in the background, or while you run, or to soothe your children – this time is for you to listen to the music and nothing else. You can choose something soporific to tumble over you as you lie on your back, or something upbeat that makes you dance around the kitchen – whatever you’re in the mood for that day. The only rule is that you are present and listening – no distractions.

We invite you to join the community – and the conversation on our socials (Insta and Facebook). For this 30 day wellness challenge we’ll be sharing tips and videos from our instructors. And don’t forget to share your journey with us so we can cheer each other on! 


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