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hand writing on colourful art journal - Moyra Scott

Finding, or rediscovering, your creativity can change your life. But you won’t know how much until you try it. This is why I share the joy of making art. It is the process – the doing of it – the flow – that’s the magic.

By Moyra Scott

I sat down to my art journal. I couldn’t start. I was jangly and distracted; flitting from one idea to the next. My brain was fried. And full up. After booking out a whole studio for myself as a special treat, I seemed to be spending more time making tea and reading random books than painting. I made more notes, I half-started more half-baked plans…

‘Stop overthinking and just do it’

I knew I had to crack on, so I dove in. I started to write, scribbling and scrawling it all out. The words poured out of me. And then, they became more than words – jagged lines spilled out over the page, overlapping and overwriting eachother. I gessoed it all out. I collaged and painted in random colours. Layer after layer, covering it all up and starting anew.

The relief. My breath came back to me. I didn’t need to agonise about making art – it appeared in front of me as I let myself go. Stop overthinking and just do it, I thought.

This mad flurry into flow, became my devotional practice. It brings me home to myself like nothing else. It is my happy place.  It is my home coming.  It is, to me, pure magic.


Art making is a human need

Just a few years ago, I couldn’t even call myself artist – I was too shy to step up and own that identity. But I knew it, quietly, and I wrote it, secretly. I wonder what stops us from claiming our identity. Where do the stories we tell ourselves come from? And how do we break down the walls that we have built for ourselves?

I began to paint, after dreaming of painting huge canvases, in abstract.  It has been a rebirth for me, to discover the power and magic of creativity.

Moyra Scott painting large canvas 

Wild Art Journaling

I believe self expression and art making is a human need. It feeds and nourishes us, colouring life in. So, during lockdown, I began sharing my process, running online sessions on Sunday mornings.

Wild Art Journalling had been such a life-changing discovery for me. I used it to process my thoughts and feelings, and I wanted to share that – show others how to access that blissful, magical flow. It is a process I developed when I could not get to the studio.  It is a paper based journaling and creative practice involving free writing and many layers.  It is a unique and liberating and above all, EASY way to unlock your creative mind and rediscover the joy of creativity.

On those lockdown Sundays were all in it together. It felt great to be an anchor for everyone as they immersed themselves in their own creativity. One of the group was Magdalena Smolarska, a talented photographer and videographer. She introduced me to Hiba at emberly and I knew at once that we were meant to work together to create the emberly Wild Art Journaling course.

It’s hard to explain but Wild Art Journaling really isn’t an art class, it is an introduction to a process that can change your life and ignite your inner artist.  I am so proud of what has been created.  I hope that you have a look and give it a go yourself.  It is a whole new world just waiting for you.

We always love to hear from you – do you journal? How do you connect with your creativity? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below. 



  • Ildiko says:

    I would love to explore my creativity and learn how to paint. Perhaps Art journaling would be a perfect way to start. What a great idea!

    • moyra scott says:

      honestly it has changed my life. And certainly in this lockdown, it has provided me with such a welcome respite from the frustrations and, let’s face it, boredom – that comes with it.

  • Faith says:

    I love this so much! Your words are so elegant and flows so beautifully. You are for sure a beautiful artist with your words and with your brush.

  • Iana says:

    Such a great post, I was just thinking to try out painting during lockdowns! Your post inspired me even more, will need some brushes!

  • Angel Morgan says:

    This article actually made me emotional. I will be looking into Wild art journaling already saved the link;) it is natural to be creative! I worked with the artists way to inderstand I was a creative. I was scared. Thank you for helping others see their inner artist beauty!

  • moyra scott says:

    Thank you for sharing this post. I believe wholeheartedly in the magic of creativity. It is my mission to share it with anyone who even has the inkling that they might enjoy it too, and if you do have that whisper that is urging you to get creative, just do it, somehow, someway, you need it. It will make you you whole and happy xxxxxx

  • Kimberlie says:

    I tend to shy away from anything artistic because I’m not very good, but Wild Art Journaling sounds like something I could try. I’d definitely like to share it with my students.

  • Stephanie says:

    I love the way you talk about art, it really resonates with something I feel inside me. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Sarah says:

    This is so cool! I am one of the hesitant ones that always wants to do something like this but then ends up doing something more “safe”. I’m now inspired to just dive in. I LOVE these. Thank you!

    • moyra scott says:

      good for you Sarah, it is the doing of it not the final outcome that is the joy. Obviously we all love to create something we like, but letting go of judgement and playing is so cathartic.

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