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emberly believes that inspired people inspire people. That’s why our all-access subscriptions are designed to help your people find what makes them glow, then share it!

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emberly offers monthly rolling memberships, or three, six or twelve month packages for as many or as few people as you like! Get in contact to find out about how we can help your whole organisation discover hidden parts of themselves.

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Learning without the time limit. No subscription, just permanent access to individual courses – so they can learn whenever they want.


Give choice, with three courses for the price of two, all designed to complement each other, helping you relax, energise or create.


Invest in their development, our monthly or annual subscriptions can be bought for others giving them access to everything

Our hottest courses

Ballet Basics

Transform your living room into a ballet studio! Get inspired by the elegance of movements like pliés and port de bras. A full body workout, ballet is perfect for improving your posture and fitness all whilst expressing yourself and having fun at any age!

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Public Speaking & Confidence

Conquer your fears, love your voice and become a powerful speaker. Our expert instructor uses performance basics, poetry and anxiety reduction techniques to help you expand your safe space until you’re ready to break out of it.

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The stories behind emberly

Our blogs explore our courses, wellness habits, trends and more, with thoughts and honest advice from our passionate writers.


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