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Introduction to Hip Hop Dance

Get into the groove of this vibrant art form, and find new ways to express yourself with confidence

The course

This course is all about hip hop dance fundamentals. It will help you get a feel for the style, develop your technique, and build your confidence to participate in group classes. Chapter by chapter, Lindon will teach you popular hip hop moves and show you how to use them in freestyle exercises. Warm up, cool down and take it all at your own pace, as your connection to the music and ability to express your personal style grows.

Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop dance is a vibrant and expressive art form that has evolved primarily outside of the dance studio setting; in clubs, at parties, and the on the streets.

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to basic hip hop dance terms and steps
  • Develop correct technique, groove and feeling through choreography and freestyle
  • Perform each move with confidence
  • Warm up and cool down effectively
  • Be ready to participate in basic group hip hop dance classes
  • Feel more confident with your body and release your creativity
  • Improve coordination and stamina

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Lindon Barr teaching Hip Hop dance course
Introduction Preview Warm Up – Grooves Warm Up – Isolations Warm Up – Stretch The New York Bounce Party Dances New Jack Swing The South Freestyle 1 Freestyle 2 Cool Down Thank You

Couldn’t recommend enough! Incredible teacher with so much knowledge to pass onto his students..

Hip Hop Dance student

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Lindon Barr

Lindon Barr trained at Bodywork Company. He’s a winner of the National Adult Freestyle Champion, a member of the Olivier Award winning Boy Blue Entertainment, and artistic director of his own award winning hip hop dance company Elementz Entertainment. Lindon has choreographed in the West End, alongside an extensive teaching and performance career.

Hip Hop Dance Teacher Lindon Barr

“Well, hip-hop is what makes the world go around”

Snoop Dogg