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Relax Bundle

Take a moment to yourself with a collection of courses that will ground you, let you breathe and begin your day focused.

What’s inside

The emberly relax bundle includes tools designed to create focus and intention. With this bundle you’ll get access to three beginner-friendly courses: Yoga: Destress and Calm, Qigong for Beginners and Wild Art Journaling.

Learn to breathe more deeply, move more easily and create more freely.

Take a moment away from today’s increasingly hectic world. Calm yoga is a wonderful way of restoring your inner balance in the comfort of your own home.

What you will learn:

  • How to create a space in your home that feels restful and tranquil
  • Letting go of your working day through movement and visualisation
  • Introduction to the benefits of yin yoga
  • Surrender to stillness
  • A bed based sequence to prepare you for a night of deep, replenishing sleep
  • A grounding, barefoot practice to reconnect with nature, and yourself
  • Be supported by the wall as you practice
  • Using warmth in restorative postures to relax and self-soothe
  • Alternate breath

About this course

Calm yoga is an invitation to simply “be”, rather than another self-care checklist. Through the course you will create a nurturing, sanctuary mood, both in your mind and physical space. Emphasising stillness and allowing your body the space to relax, you will begin a guided journey through focus, replenishment and well-being.

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Learn this grounding millenia-old practice in order to relax, be mindful and reduce stress. Feel stronger in both body and mind, be more present in your day to day life.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to Qigong / Tai Chi
  • The set of 18 movements that make up Shibashi – Set 1
  • Perform each move with confidence
  • Combine all 18 moves into a complete flowing set
  • Learn to relax, be mindful and reduce stress

About this course

Created by the legendary Yellow Emperor of China, the art of Qigong has a history spanning over 4,000 years. The practice uses moving meditation to balance your qi (roughly pronounced chee), which is your life force energy.

The Shibashi is a set of 18 movements designed to improve health and wellbeing. You’ll feel calmer, sleep better and strengthen your body and mind. Led by Michael MacBean, you’ll be encouraged to explore the Shi Ba Shi and finish the course ready to live more peacefully, in the present.

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Wild Art Journaling is a creative way to relax and get into “flow”. This course lets you create without pressure, reigniting your imagination. Unblock your senses and let your imagination run wild.

What you will learn:

  • Free up creatively as you make art without attachment to the outcome
  • Find your way into a calm, meditative space
  • Break out of your mould and expand your creative boundaries
  • Clear out your busy mind and learn to trust your intuition
  • Generate ideas, solve challenges and get innovative.
  • Let go of judgement
  • Feel totally grounded, present and alive – bringing joy back into your life

About the course

There are no rules in these lessons! You’ll learn to access the creative part of your brain, break out the box and let go of judgement. When we learn to play, wonderful and boundless creativity will grow. With a combination of painting, drawing and writing, you’ll access your innovative side and flex your creative muscle.

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This course includes:

Over 290 minutes of on-demand video
38 lessons
3 downloadable resources

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