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ballet legs in studio - 5 Reasons to Try Ballet Today

I hear so many people utter the words, “I always wished I had gone to ballet as a child”, or, “I am too old now, I can’t do that”. Each time I listen I think to myself, “There is no reason why you can’t”……and, more often than not, I say this. Why do I say it? Because I firmly believe it.

by: Maeve McGreevy

As humans, we are built to move. Over time, certain ways of moving have been designed and recorded, given names and adorned with specific attire. Often we recognise these as dance. Ballet is just one of these structured forms, based on a structure we all have. A body.


ballet students in studioBallet hands - 5 Reasons to Try Ballet Todaywoman practicing ballet in studio - 5 Reasons to Try Ballet Today

And how might jumping into the world of ballet benefit our bodies?

Well, to offer a few ideas…

  • build a basic and practical understanding of how we move (joints, muscles, bones)
  • increase awareness of strength, flexibility and, therefore, be able to develop in these areas- improve coordination and spatial awareness
  • create a more open demeanour both physically and psychologically
  • encourage confidence in your body, your movement, your thoughts and decisions
  • finding a sense of joy and freedom!

If you have a mind and body and want to learn more about them, try a dance class. If you are looking for a well oiled machine in terms of form, try ballet. Regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality, experience or physical build, there really is no reason why you can’t.

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