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Pasta Making

Combine, cut and craft the perfect pasta from scratch

The course

From keen cooks to absolute beginners, this course will guide you through every step, making perfect pasta from scratch with just a few ingredients. Beginning with styles made without a machine, you’ll get hands-on to craft pici and macaroni, before moving on to egg-based pasta, using a machine to create the thinnest of sheets, and cutting the shapes for tagliatelle, farfalle and tortellini.

Pasta Making

The origins of pasta go right back to the Romans and a baked meat dish they called ‘lagana’ – the ancient ancestor of today’s lasagna. Although, we have the Arabs – who began drying it to keep it for longer – to thank for it becoming a store-cupboard essential. All over Italy, the local specialties that have developed around this beloved staple are as diverse and delicious as the shells, twists and parcels – or should we say conchiglie, fusilli and ravioli – that we all know and love today.

What you’ll learn

  • How to roll dough and create traditional pasta with hands, sticks and machines
  • Recipes and tips for creating a range of pasta types and shapes
  • Insights on the history of pasta and Italian cooking 
  • Ideas for perfect pasta sauces to compliment your handiwork

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Introduction Preview The Essentials Preview Without Machine Preview Without Machine – Pici Preview Without Machine – Maccheroni Preview With Machine – Part I Preview With Machine – Part II Preview With Machine – Tagliatelle & Bow Ties Preview Filled – Ravioli Preview Filled – Tortellini Preview Pairing Pasta with a Sauce Preview Thank You Preview

Just loved this course with Vittoria. It was so much fun, learnt loads and also, crazy tasty


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Vittoria grew up in Calabria, harvesting produce from her father’s garden and making fresh pasta with her grandmother, from whom she learnt all the secrets of delicious Italian cuisine. Armed with this beautiful food foundation, Vittoria has traveled the world taking classes and honing her skills as a teacher. She has now been teaching cookery for 7 years and is commended for her passion, clarity and patience.

Vittoria Veltri Emberly pasta focaccia making courses teacher

“Life is a combination of magic and pasta.”

Federico Fellini