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Singing & Vocal Improvisation

Create, explore, embody and learn how to free your voice

The course

This course is all about exploring different approaches to breath, voice, body and creativity at your own pace. Using physical movement and vocal exploration, you’ll be able to recreate a new practice for yourself every time, focusing on different aspects and taking the time you need to fully embody the process. You will be encouraged to open up your instrument (the voice) and gain confidence in following your imaginative impulses.

Singing & Improvisation for Wellbeing

Singing and Improvisation is all about letting your creativity flow and exploring your voice and body in a safe space, at your own pace. This is not a singing ‘method’ but rather a guide for your exploration. You don’t need to be ‘a good singer’ or any kind of singer at all! You can adapt everything to the condition of your voice and ‘sing’ as much or as little as you wish. The songs and looper files provided can be used in a variety of ways – sing along with Guillermo, sing in response, harmonise, improvise on top or even add percussive sounds from your environment.

What you’ll learn

  • Different approaches to using the breath as a foundation for voice
  • How to activate the body and find the balance of energy and softness needed for singing
  • The relationship between breath and movement. Learning to notice changes in alignment, breathing patterns and inner space 
  • The transition from breath to sound to warm up and naturally connect with your innate vocal energy
  •  Explore vocal expression and creativity through a range of sounds
  • Discover the voice’s possibilities as a percussion instrument as well as a melodic one, and the joy and power in the rhythm of the whole body.
  • Explore different forms of invented language to find your own creative vocabulary
  • Explore different forms of invented language to find your own creative vocabulary
  • Expand your vocal palette and range as well as your musical creativity
  • Try some improvised chants with music from around the world
  • Improvise your own melodies, follow your instinct and discover your vocal essence

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Introduction Preview Beginning with the Breath Breath & Movement: activating your singing instrument From Breath to Sound If You Can Talk, You Can Sing! Humming into Long Vowels Playing with Sound: expression & energy in the voice Rhythm in the Body: clapping & stepping in time Rhythm in the Mouth: exploring vocal percussion Sing with Me I Sound Landscapes & Invented Language Sing with Me II Sing with Me III Final Thoughts and a Song of Courage

Really enjoyable, very therapeutic, a straightforward, enjoyable and effective way to get the mind, body and voice in synchronicity.


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Guillermo is a singer, guitarist, vocal improviser and educator from Buenos Aires. Having studied with some of the most outstanding vocal improvisors in the world, he is now one of the leading Circle Singing and Collaborative Vocal Improvisation facilitators in Europe. He also holds a MMUs with Distinction in Ethnomusicology from SOAS, and performs regularly as a vocalist with The London Tango Orchestra, Sexteto Cristal and Cuarteto Rotterdam

“If I cannot fly, let me sing..”

Stephen Sondheim