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Sustainable Gift Wrapping

Collect, craft and create beautiful gift-wrap from scratch

The course

This workshop aims to challenge us all to think differently about gift wrapping, with inspiring tips and industrious ideas to create original, sustainable and beautiful parcels for your loved ones. You’ll learn some simple techniques – from printing with everyday objects, to crafting paper flowers – and have the chance to explore your creativity.

Sustainable Gift Wrapping

Sustainable gift wrapping doesn’t just save money and the environment, it shows your loved ones you’ve taken the time to make a gift extra special. Getting creative with your parcels can super therapeutic too! Its great fun to see what you can make with what you’ve got lying around the house, rather than rushing to the shops for something shiny and new. Eco gift wrapping is all about giving you some ‘me time’ to experiment and create something beautiful for others

What you’ll learn

  • Painting, printing and crafting techniques
  • Flower making
  • How to embrace the imperfections in your materials
  • To experiment with colour and texture
  • How to pull ideas together and add final touches

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Really enjoyable, very therapeutic, a straightforward, enjoyable and effective way to get the mind, body and voice in synchronicity.


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Sheron runs the Mad Hatters Studio where she leads and hosts a wealth of workshops and events. Her studio is full of treasures, from jars of buttons and baskets of lace, to boxes of recovered papers. A collector of vintage things and ephemera, Sheron is fascinated by the narrative, interest and sentimentality of objects. She is passionate about re-using, re-loving, re-cherishing and re-imagining things that might otherwise be discarded. In our consumer-driven and disposable society, she’s all about fighting back with creativity, and inspiring others to do the same.

“Recognise joy when it arrives in the plain brown wrappings of everyday life”

Judith Viorst