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Wild Art Journaling

Tap into your unique creativity and allow it to run free — how often do we get to let loose?

The course

There are no rules in these lessons! You’ll learn to access the creative part of your brain, break out the box and let go of judgement. With a combination of painting, drawing and writing, you’ll access your innovative side and flex your creative muscle. This is a chance for transformation, to unstick whatever is blocking your flow. When we learn to play, wonderful and boundless creativity will grow.

Wild art journaling

No prior experience is required! This out-of-the-ordinary art class will combat anxiety, explore your inspiration and give you new tools to care for your mental health.

What you’ll learn

  • Free up creatively as you make art without attachment to the outcome
  • Find your way into a calm, meditative space
  • Break out of your mould and expand creative boundaries
  • Clear out your busy mind and learn to trust intuition
  • Generate ideas, solve challenges and get innovative
  • Let go of judgement
  • Feel totally grounded, present and alive — bringing joy back into your life

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This has rekindled my artistic spirit! Being able to make art in such a simple manner has helped to inspire me to create even more! Give it a try…I promise you will be inspired! Keep Smiling!

David Darab
Wild Art Journaling student

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Moyra Scott

Wild Art Journaling was born when artist Moyra couldn’t fit her large canvases into her Brighton cottage. This course is Moyra’s happy place, with an open invitation to join her in the experience. With Wild Art Journaling becoming a transformative part of her life, she hopes it will do the same for you.

“Creativity is a combination of discipline and a childlike spirit.”

Robert Greene